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Top 10 Tools For Proofreaders

There are many useful tools that people working on freelance editing jobs online can use to help with proofing their documents. These vital tools are critical for helping writers to ensure their projects are being written properly. Each of these options are available online and work with numerous points and features to help you get more out of your writing while resolving any issues that may come about. Note: Some of these tools collected by proofreading jobs site will cost extra for you to utilize. Free versions are available for some programs, but they will not work with as many features as what you would get out of a paid version of a program.
  1. Grammarly
  2. Grammarly is the first tool all people who manage freelance writing jobs online should see. This provides people with information on when they use grammatical errors or questionable words in their work. The service will give you suggestions on how you can resolve any errors you come across.
  3. PolishMyWriting
  4. This next proofing tool works with basic tasks in mind. PolishMyWriting is perfect for freelance writing jobs online for beginners as it concentrates on general proofing functions. This includes looking into how you use certain words too often or when you use passive voice terms.
  6. is a program that measures your work’s readability based on many formulas. It works with the Flesch-Kincaid and Gunning-Fog measures in mind to identify how well a person can read it and who might be more likely to read something without problems. This is useful for article writer jobs that focus on professional audiences.
  7. Spellchecker
  8. Spellchecker is a popular online tool that is very thorough with regards to identifying spelling issues. This proofing tool not only finds spelling mistakes but also analyzes issues based on how often you use them. Anyone looking to write from home can use Spellchecker to correct one’s persistent spelling issues and to see how corrections can make a real difference in one’s work.
  9. Ginger
  10. Ginger is the fifth choice for anyone working on a freelance writing job online to consider. Ginger reviews improper words and offers suggestions for how you can resolve them. It can identify points like the difference between “a” and “an” among other sound-alike words. It helps you to figure out how well certain words should work when handling writing jobs online from home.
  11. Slick Write
  12. The special thing that Slick Write offers is a formula that helps you simplify your work. It identifies cases of wordiness in your writing. This helps to see how you can use fewer words for certain points, thus streamlining your content. This can work for a legal writing job that requires extensive information in as little space as possible. The suggestions the program offers for new options to include are extensive.
  13. PaperRater
  14. Another tool that analyzes how well your writing skills are being managed, PaperRater is a program that helps you review how readable your work is. This program for content writing jobs online gives you a full analysis of how easy it is for people to read your work and potentially use it.
  15. Via Writing
  16. Via Writing is a popular tool to use when handling jobs for writers. This works to identify dangling modifiers, punctuation problems and much more. These are problems that many word processing programs will not catch. Via Writing does well for capturing these issues that people working on editor jobs at home might otherwise forget about or ignore altogether.
  17. AutoCrit
  18. Some of the more technical points of writing can be covered by AutoCrit. This is a critical program that analyzes words and reviews how often they are used. Pacing may also be analyzed in your work. The program assists with identifying repeating points and pacing among other issues that might be a threat to your work. You can use AutoCrit with ease to manage many points relating to your content writing jobs online.
  19. Proofread Bot
  20. The last option for use online is Proofread Bot. This is a basic proofreading tool, but it also gives you various links within the program to help you correct proofing issues. This gives you recommendations for what you use to manage your content. This is vital for when you need to prepare a freelance writer job description for resume needs and you need everything you manage to be as clear and controlled as possible.
All of these programs are important for when you need help with getting your internet writing jobs to look and read their best. All of these programs are ideal for your use. Take a look at these editors needed for your work and you will surely improve upon your writing skills when you see how well your work is laid out. These can help you to correct regular problems you get into.